1966  Albert Ruprecht and his wife Edith established an artistic wrought-iron workshop in Munich with its own shop.

1970s The company added woodworking to its range of services for new system catering customers. This was followed by the production of plastics.

Delivery to the first McDONALD’s in Germany.

1980s Children's play equipment added to the product range. Large department stores, leisure parks and public organisations added to the customer base.

Development of the TÜV-tested and patented RUSTA PLAY CASTLE modular system.

The management and distribution departments of TME RUSTA have been located in Schwaig, near Munich Airport, since 1983.

Production was relocated to Saxony during the course of the German unity, after purchasing business premises in Geringswalde.

Our customers all over the world are now equipped with installations and play equipment "Made in Germany”.

We manufacture the majority of the products ourselves. A new generation has now taken over, and the management team of  Erich Obermaier and Brigitte Biener is leading us successfully into the future.